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Leadership Development
What are you doing today to cultivate your next generation of leaders for tomorrow?
What our clients say
  • And you, from all I can see are very, very good at [making everyone around you thrive]!
  • Kevin Turner is one of the best Executive Coaches in the Country.
  • I could not imagine how we would be as successful as we are without the resource of the TLS team. They have become an invaluable asset to our business leadership team.
  • You will never fully understand the significance of your contributions. We wouldn't be where we are today without the influence of you and your methods.
  • I have met a man who is truly a giant in his business...
  • Kevin Turner has a unique talent...for permanent, positive change.
  • Your training process is like an internal personality surgery...
  • ...What we learn from [Kevin] and [his] tools stays with us much longer than anything else we've ever gone through.
  • The results are measurable.
  • People have noticed a huge change...It is truly unbelievable.
  • I’m well beyond most of the goals that were set for me at the beginning of the year...
  • Your impact on _______, and therefore on our company, has been huge...Kevin, thanks for the excellent work so far.
  • TLS and Kevin Turner could not have done better...[This program] It builds individual work habits and work relationships. The training has made me more aware of what I say to people. It has caused me to think before I speak or take action.
  • Our CFO, Director of Marketing, Director of Accounting, VP of Sales, VP of Human Resources, and several Senior Brand Managers…are all making more valuable contributions to the success and growth of our company because of you.
  • What I learned from you and your tools has stayed with me much longer than anything else I have ever done.

Customized solutions for unique challenges

The successful candidate for the TLS-T3® Leadership Development Program wishes to create significant and lasting improvements for the sustainability and competitiveness of their business. At TLS, we understand the issues you face and have a strong track record of helping and assisting our client partners build sustainable, innovative, and tailored leadership talent pipelines. 

Today, leadership development training offerings are commonplace. So, what separates TLS-T3® Leadership Development from all the rest?

First, we use proprietary Compressed-Time Human Performance Technologies developed and honed over a twenty-plus year period. Second,  our experience. The TLS-T3® Leadership Development Program is our original service program. With well over twenty years of proven, time-effective, and highly successful results covering a wide range of leadership development needs, the TLS-T3® Leadership Development Program addresses two primary concerns within your leadership pipeline:

  • High potentials
  • Turnarounds

Our TLS proprietary program and tools are The Experience Curve in action for you and your organization.
The TLS-T3® Program is tailored to your needs which translates into long-term changes in behavior, performance and productivity.


Comprehensive Development 

High Potentials

What are you doing today to cultivate your next generation of leaders for tomorrow?

You see potential in your associates. What can you do to:

  • Groom them for the next level?
  • Invest in them so that they will invest in you long-term?

Skilled leadership talent is in short supply around the world. Only a handful of companies are able to groom a sufficient supply of world-class leaders year after year. This capability gives them a unique competitive advantage over the competition and makes their business more sustainable through good times and bad.

The time-effective TLS-T3® Leadership Development Program is designed to accelarate your HiPo's readiness for leadership in your organization.


What do you do when a vital, revenue generating member of your team is adversely impacting others with their own dysfunction?

Every organization has opportunites for improvement. The root causes are almost always people-related. You have a significant opportunity to transition your organization to a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency by turning your underperforming managers into leaders. The time-effective TLS-T3® Leadership Development Program is tailored to fit your needs.

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