Our Experience
Which is more important: breadth of experience, or depth?
You shouldn’t have to choose.
Our team has a combined 38 years of experience in leadership and people development, working with companies from major Fortune 500 brands to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our team has a combined 38 years of experience in leadership and people development, working with companies from major Fortune 500 brands to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

What our clients say
  • And you, from all I can see are very, very good at [making everyone around you thrive]!
    Kevin Turner is one of the best Executive Coaches in the Country.
  • I could not imagine how we would be as successful as we are without the resource of the TLS team. They have become an invaluable asset to our business leadership team.
    You will never fully understand the significance of your contributions. We wouldn't be where we are today without the influence of you and your methods.
  • Your Leadership Training...helped me immensely with maneuvering through a difficult time in my career.
    I have met a man who is truly a giant in his business...
  • Kevin has a natural curiosity along with a quiet self-assurance that permits him to easily focus his attention on my concerns.
    Kevin Turner has a unique talent...for permanent, positive change.
  • Kevin is an amazing person who has the unique ability of being able to identify problems and move toward solutions that can be embraced by all those involved.
    Your training process is like an internal personality surgery...
  • Kevin is the definition of trust...Kevin possesses more strategic intelligence about our company than anyone else besides the CEO and the Board of Directors.
    TLS gave me tools for approaching difficult situations more professionally than I have done in the past.
  • I truly do appreciate having your firm as a partner to us. [TLS] is extremely valuable to us as we continue to grow and get better at what we do.
    I would rate TLS-t3 Turnaround program as the best available in today's market.
  • ...What we learn from [Kevin] and [his] tools stays with us much longer than anything else we've ever gone through.
    The results are measurable.
  • [Kevin's tools] taught each member how to act, think and make decisions as if they owned the business.
    Kevin, thanks again for all you have done for _________, me, and TDIndustries. We are proud to count you as a friend and ally. We will be using you again in the future.
  • People have noticed a huge change...It is truly unbelievable.
    I’m well beyond most of the goals that were set for me at the beginning of the year...
  • Your impact on _______, and therefore on our company, has been huge...Kevin, thanks for the excellent work so far.
    Our CFO, Director of Marketing, Director of Accounting, VP of Sales, VP of Human Resources, and several Senior Brand Managers…are all making more valuable contributions to the success and growth of our company because of you.
  • Kevin's influence and knowledge have translated into tangible, measurable results...
    What I learned from you and your tools has stayed with me much longer than anything else I have ever done.
  • I have come in contact with consultants and coaches of many disciplines. I honestly can think of no single one that listened, enabled, mentored and cared to/for me the way Kevin and TLS has.

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