Performance Training
Leverage team strengths and address key challenges through our Solutions Teams team training model.
What our clients say
  • And you, from all I can see are very, very good at [making everyone around you thrive]!
  • I could not imagine how we would be as successful as we are without the resource of the TLS team. They have become an invaluable asset to our business leadership team.
  • I have met a man who is truly a giant in his business...
  • Kevin Turner has a unique talent...for permanent, positive change.
  • Your training process is like an internal personality surgery...
  • ...What we learn from [Kevin] and [his] tools stays with us much longer than anything else we've ever gone through.
  • The results are measurable.
  • People have noticed a huge change...It is truly unbelievable.
  • I’m well beyond most of the goals that were set for me at the beginning of the year...
  • Your impact on _______, and therefore on our company, has been huge...Kevin, thanks for the excellent work so far.
  • TLS and Kevin Turner could not have done better...[This program] It builds individual work habits and work relationships. The training has made me more aware of what I say to people. It has caused me to think before I speak or take action.
  • Our CFO, Director of Marketing, Director of Accounting, VP of Sales, VP of Human Resources, and several Senior Brand Managers…are all making more valuable contributions to the success and growth of our company because of you.
  • What I learned from you and your tools has stayed with me much longer than anything else I have ever done.

TLS-T3® Team Performance Training

Helping large teams solve tactical problems, strategically.

Very few High Performance teams exist. Those that do, often find their talent siphoned away to another division or recruited away by a competitor.

After High Performance teams, the next group of teams represents the vast majority of highly productive teams in an organizational enterprise.

These teams typically are led by a highly skilled, productive manager who may also have significant personal dysfunctions that, in the end, affect the team. Consequently, even though the group may often meet or exceed their numbers, morale is low and defections are high. Because of this, long-term enduring business opportunity is missed.

What do you do in this situation? Is it possible to change this cultural collision? The answer is yes!

How effective are your key teams?
How time-effective are they?
Do you have a team characterized by:

  • team dysfunction?
  • interpersonal disputes?
  • a committee posing as a team?
  • wasteful meetings?

Time-effective High-Performing teams have several common characteristics:

  1. Listen well
  2. Communicate well
  3. Well organized
  4. They plan
  5. Self-controlled reactions
  6. Build consensus
  7. Manage people, not just projects
  8. Able to influence people
  9. Lead by example
  10. Sacrifice for the benefit of others

The successful candidate for the TLS-T3® Team Performance Training is one that shows signs of success, but also has an acknowledged need.


How can we help?

The TLS-T3® Team Performance Training assists new teams, teams in conflict, as well as teams in transition by integrating our time-tested TLS-T3® Human Performance Technology tools and systems into your team's current environment. The TLS-T3® Team Development tools are tailored to fit your team and its circumstances; engaging your participants in areas and issues such as:

  • Sales effectiveness
  • Business development
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Role clarification
  • Consensus building skills
  • Decision-making - game theory
  • Strategy-vision development
  • Analysis & awareness
  • Team assessments
  • Listening effectiveness
  • Management effectiveness
  • Cohesiveness skills
  • Ownership mindsets
  • Strategy-vision implementation
  • Communication effectiveness
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