C-Level Advisory
Who can you turn to for an outside, unbiased perspective on your challenges? Who can you trust?
What our clients say
  • And you, from all I can see are very, very good at [making everyone around you thrive]!
  • I could not imagine how we would be as successful as we are without the resource of the TLS team. They have become an invaluable asset to our business leadership team.
  • You will never fully understand the significance of your contributions. We wouldn't be where we are today without the influence of you and your methods.
  • Your training process is like an internal personality surgery...
  • ...What we learn from [Kevin] and [his] tools stays with us much longer than anything else we've ever gone through.
  • People have noticed a huge change...It is truly unbelievable.
  • Our CFO, Director of Marketing, Director of Accounting, VP of Sales, VP of Human Resources, and several Senior Brand Managers…are all making more valuable contributions to the success and growth of our company because of you.
  • What I learned from you and your tools has stayed with me much longer than anything else I have ever done.

Who can you turn to for an outside, unbiased perspective on your challenges? Who can you trust?

You and your senior team confront a host of critical issues daily: revenue demands, cost reductions, talent/key person functionality, team performance, organizational performance, strategy alignments, change frameworks, competitive forces, and many more.

The successful candidate for our C-Level Advisory Service is typically an executive of accomplishment, authority and respect within her or his organization and industry. On an on-going basis, through our TLS C-Level Advisory Service, we engage you and/or your team with time critical thinking, insights, thought-provoking questions, and ideas distilled from our client experience, our skill, and our on-going research. In an advisory role our chief responsibility is to:
Provide clarity -- on important issues and all available options,
Ease concerns – be they competition, talent, strategic, financial, political, etc., and
Inspire confidence – in your reasoning skills and your judgment ability.


“Trust is earned over a period of time. One must be willing to give without reciprocation and that overture must be of benefit and value primarily to our client. This is our pledge.”      

Kevin Turner


Candidates for our TLS  C-Suite Advisory Service:

  • CEO – Managing Director
  • President
  • COO – Operating Officer
  • CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
  • CSO – Chief Strategy Officer
  • CFO – Director of Finance
  • CHRO – Director Human Resources
  • CDO – Chief Development/Sales Officer
  • CPO – Officer/Director of Procurement

How can we help?

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Change Management
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Strategy Performance
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